"Systems that improve design, speed the project, and avoid conflict take a great effort. The choice is to do it now ... or wait until attorneys are present."  
Chris Turley


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We’ve spent years defining and detailing our unique approach, which we call “The Turley Way.” Simply put, this process helps clients envision new ideas and environments and helps them get these spaces built in ways not commonly found in the industry. The Turley Way is passionate, challenging, and intensive, but, more importantly, it’s also fun. The Turley Way is not right for everyone or every project and we will happily help those who are seeking something different to find the right resource for their project.

To start, we believe in the mantra: “Your House and Your Money.” We respect our clients, their opinions and lifestyle, the building and its history, as well as the budget and schedule. It also means that we expect our clients to participate as a fully functioning and equal member of the Design and Construction Teams.

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